If you wish to contact us to request us a budget or more information about our services, please do so through any of our means of contact:


Telephone: 986 58 64 83

Fax: 986 58 67 00


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Where we are:

Although the central headquarters and our offices are located in Santa Cristina de Vea (A Estrada - Pontevedra) our buses are scattered throughout the region of Deza - Tabeirós, Caldas de Reis, Moraña, Santiago de Compostela and the region of Salnés ( Catoira, O Grove, Sanxenxo ....). This means that in our activity is not essential where the offices are, because the customer in most cases contacts us via e-mail, telephone or fax whenever they need to hire one or several services.


Address: Santa Cristina de Vea 36682 A Estrada Pontevedra





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  • Telephone: +34 986 58 64 83
  • Fax: +34 986 58 67 00
  • Email: