Expres de Vea offers the highest security to its customers and users because...

1.- It has a Human Team with extensive experience in the sector, a team in continuous formation and  training.

2.- It has coaches of last generation, in which technology is included in security (anti-roll system, EBS electronic braking system, ESP, air suspension, seat belts, double glazed, antideformables, ABS, ASR, ...) betting not only on the best brands in chassis (Volvo, Iveco, VDL, Man, Bmc, Renault, ...) but also in coachbuilders (Irizar, Beulas, Sunsundegui, UNVI, Andec, ...)

3.-It carries out a revision, maintenance and daily cleaning of coaches in their facilities as well as periodic maintenance in the oficial factories of the corresponding marks.

4.- Our coaches are environmentally friendly, complying with the regulatory Euro, which regulates the emission of gases into the atmosphere.

5.- All our team also makes an effort to improve in security day by day, as attested to ISO9001 standards and UNE-EN 13816:2003, the European Standard for quality in public and private transport services, which contemplates, among other aspects, security in transport.

Quality Certificates of Expres de Vea

Quality plan

The Direction of EXPRES DE VEA  focuses the Quality System as a way to organize your business life, grounding it in some basic aspects like the quality of services, processes, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System Quality and customer satisfaction. In the framework within which it operates, passenger transport, it is essential the customer perception towards our work, as this market is particularly competitive.

Competition is growing more and more, so it is essential the perception that the client has of the services that are offered. The public administrations hire their services, for which it turns out to be fundamental to be able to show that it focuses the company´s managements to the satisfaction of customers and users and meets the requirements set by them. Therefore, the Direction considers the Management System of Quality as a priority and strategic objective, finding its foundations and commitments in:

• The QUALITY and its improvement are responsibility of all members of the company, starting by th the Direction itself

• Quality is a fundamental aspect in the eagerness  to maintain a competitive position within the market.

• QUALITY is obtained not inspecting, but planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the system to prevent possible errors.

• QUALITY is directed towards the SATISFACTION OF ALL OUR CLIENTS through the entire organization's commitment to meet all needs and requirements set by them, as well as legal and regulatory requirements related to the service.

• QUALITY is based on a PLAN FOR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of both service delivery and the effectiveness of the System of Quality Management, in which TO PREVENT errors is a crucial aspect.

• QUALITY leads us to pay close attention to technological developments and possible improvements that new technologies bring to us.

• QUALITY requires the participation and cooperation of everyone, so it is imperative to consider the MOTIVATION, TRAINING AND COMMUNICATION. For effective implementation of these principles is absolutely necessary to support them by both the management team as the entire workforce, as well as suppliers and customers.

The Direction of EXPRES DE VEAwith the implementation of the UNE-EN 13816:2003 defines the systematically followed in the "regular service, regular passenger special purpose and discretionary service" to ensure that the service meets the customer expectations and regulatory requirements and laws relating to quality, providing the control necessary to achieve the service quality commitments, reducing the risk of incidents occurring during delivery.

The quality criteria that requires us to comply with the UNE-EN 13816:2003 are:

1. Service offered.

2. Accessibility.

3. Information.

4. Time.

5. Customer service.

6. Comfort.

7. Security.

8. Environmental impact.


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