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A company with experience and a fleet of buses to suit customer needs...

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Coach Tours on the same day

In these services, Expres de Vea assesses the client on possible routes to make, the distribution of time during the trip and the peculiarities of each place so that the trip is as interesting, relaxed, and attractive as possible.

Coach Tours for more than a day

Expres de Vea hire its buses with a driver for excursions organized more than one day with destinations all over the country and also internationally (mainly focusing on Portugal, France and Andorra).


School Transport

- Public (contracted with the Galician regional government in the provinces of Pontevedra and A Coruña) daily transportation of students to primary and secondary schools in different routes that run through the towns of Teo, A Estrada, Valga and Cuntis.

  • - Private.
  • - Day trips
  • - End of course Travel
  • - Snow Tours
  • - Extracurricular activities


We carry out transfers of groups directly between hotels and airports.

Transport for Weddings and Stag parties

Surprise your guests, carry out the transportation by bus for all guests to the venues.

We also offer the possibility of service for the stag parties.

Coaches for Events and Conferences

We also prepare the logistics of transport together with the organizers to public and private events of large congregations of users.


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